8 out of 10 consumers

Prefer to support companies that make it easier to register and vote

An app that promotes civic awareness across your team
  • Create a white-label app for your organization
  • No coding required
  • Nonpartisan information
Energize your team to stand for their causes

With the Engage App, your team can learn about democratic initiatives, find registration and voting information, and stay informed about local politics.

Provide local voting information

Your team can find important information to help them stay civically involved. Check voting deadlines and locations.

Your app = Your branding

Engage is a white-label app. That means you can tailor the colors, style, and logos to match your brand.

Improve your CSR score

A strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) score can attract top talent and customers. It shows that your organization is taking the initiative to make the world a better place.

Raise team morale
and your profits

Civic responsibility
Make it easier for team members to support the causes they believe in.
Brand management
Manage your brand appearance within the app to improve company awareness.
Employee satisfaction
74% of Americans consider their job more fulfilling when employers give opportunities for social impact.

Empower your team
to make an impact