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About Us

Engage Labs is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) building software tools for mission-driven organizations and political campaigns. Founded, built, and managed by policy/political, advocacy, nonprofit, and technology professionals, we recognized that operators and movement makers were at a serious technological disadvantage compared to other industries. Driven by monopoly and other perverse incentives, political, organizing, and fundraising tech is absurdly overpriced and a decade out of date.

Engage aims to change all that. A collaboration between campaign & advocacy professionals and world-class technologists who wanted to help make a difference, our mission is to offer folks on the front lines of change the very best tools at the lowest possible price. Our philosophy is that we work to serve you – and that you should be in charge of your data and your toolkit. If you’re building something or running for something, it would be our honor to help give you an edge.


Engage Labs is a ‘Laboratory for Democracy’. Whether in politics, civic engagement, or just working hard to make society a little better, we want to give citizens and change-makers the very best tech tools available while finding ways to every budget at every stage of the journey.

Turn your ambitions for impact into a powerhouse with Engage – Innovation for Good.

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